Thank you for this note, Donna and Tom

The one item my husband wanted to cut out of our wedding budget was the video of the wedding.  However, I encouraged him to reconsider it, because I knew it would be the biggest memory we could have to show all our family.  We hired Larry and Peggy David to video our wedding and we all “forgot” they were even there.  They are so subtle and move around so smoothly and not only that our guests loved talking to them.  When the video was ready I was so excited to see it.  My husband asked again how much it cost and i told him.  Well, we turned it on and let me tell you within minutes there were tears streaming down his face and he said, “I can’t believe we almost didn’t have this video as a memory.”  It is the gem in the crown of your wedding that you can’t live without.  The way they edit the wedding and ceremony with the music and recordings are just breathtaking and beautiful.
Thank you Larry & Peggy for giving us a wonderful memory that will last our lifetime.

Much love, Donna & Tom Kaczmarski