How To Make a Pair of Leggings

Posted March 19, 2019 by Peggy David Designs
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Leggings are so popular these days. I love the wild prints down to the basic black. These can be very slimming and the simple silhouette allows for a lot of creativity in the choice of prints. What most people don’t realize is that they are extremely easy to make. This tutorial will take you through the steps to creating your very first pair.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>

Sewing the Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Posted February 28, 2019 by Peggy David Designs
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Spring will be here before we know it. As soon as the weather gets a hint of warmth I want to pull out brighter colors and lighter weight clothing. But fabric store overload is a problem for me when planning to sew a capsule. The minute I walk into a fabric store I am overwhelmed with colors and textures. I’m drawn to all the cute and colorful quilting cottons. Unfortunately, my clothing will not be made of those fabrics. Focus, focus. I’m not sure my choices in the photo below will turn out the cohesive collection I was going for, but I do see some similarities. I’m working on some planning sheets to help streamline the process. If they work for me, I’ll be happy to share at a later date.  For now I’m on to cutting.


Fabric Tray

Posted September 3, 2018 by Peggy David Designs
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This cute fabric tray is great beginner’s project and it’s useful too. This was made by my sewing students August 30. You can get the tutorial for free here.

How to Make In The Hoop Banners Using Bernina Embroidery Software

Posted September 26, 2017 by Peggy David Designs
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Making a Doll Skirt Using the Technology of Bernina’s Design Works Software

Posted September 26, 2017 by Peggy David Designs
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How to Sew a Tee Shirt With Ready-to-Wear Techniques

Posted September 20, 2017 by Peggy David Designs
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I love making tee shirts. While there are so many cute woven patterns out there, many of us rely on on knits for day to day wear and having custom made tee shirts gives you such creative options. For children, coordinating several fabrics together stretch clothing budgets and give kids options of what to wear together. I have incorporated ready to wear techniques, making this tee shirt even faster to sew.


Travel Tissue Holder Tutorial

Posted May 7, 2017 by Peggy David Designs
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Just in time for Mother’s Day this travel tissue holder will bring a smile to her face. With only 4 straight seams, it makes a great project for kids to sew too.




  • 2 Coordinating fabrics or scraps of fabric
  • Pocket Tissue pack (I used Kleenex Brand)


1/4″ seam allowance

Cut the outside fabric to measure 6″x 61/2″

Cut the inside fabric to measure 6″x71/2.” the inside will be wider, this is what makes the trim when we turn it right side out.

Your fabrics will look like this

Tissue cover1

Sew the 6″ sides right sides together. There will be a bubble since the lining fabric is wider.

Tissue cover2.jpg

Turn the fabrics right side out and press flat so that there is a 1/4 trim on each side.

Tissue cover3

Now press the fabrics in half, trim sides together. This will help us find the middle.

Tissue cover4

Now fold both sides to the middle and pin in place.tissue cover5.jpgSew across the top and bottom edges.

Tissue cover6

Trim any look threads and turn inside out. You can use a chop stick or other tool to make the corners nice and sharp.

Tissue cover7.jpg

Press it flat and insert a travel kleenex pack inside.

Perfect for gifts. Enjoy!